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Why search for ‘web content writer NZ’?

Did you know there are AI (artificial intelligence) re-writer apps that will rewrite web content you like, but can’t use because of copyright issues, for very little? It sounds like a great shortcut to loading up with the content your website needs to improve SEO. However, the reality can be pretty gruesome. Here’s an example:

ORIGINAL: Not so long ago, the main mission with website writing was to keep content lean and tight; less words rather than more. These days content has morphed into the conversationalist at the dinner party who’s trying to keep everyone entertained.

AI REWRITE: Not so long agone , the main charge with website jotting was to keep content spare and tight; lower words rather than further. These days content has morphed into the prattler at the regale party who’s trying to keep everyone entertained.

Why ‘web content writer NZ’ is a better search than ‘AI re-writer’

While artificial intelligence could help you to fill your site with re-worked content to hopefully gain some SEO traction, it’s certainly not going to be at the quality end of the spectrum. And Google loves quality just as much as originality.

What’s more, artificial intelligence can’t take international content and make it relevant to a New Zealand audience. That requires a human brain, because all the little Kiwi-isms we love are still living between our ears, not in computer code.

Thinking of repurposing Australian content?

Even content from Australia won’t always work for a New Zealand audience. While there are similarities between OZ and UnZud, there are lots of differences too. Earlier in my career one of my least-favourite jobs was adapting Australian television commercials for use in NZ. I could get the accents right by changing the voiceover, but I couldn’t adjust for Australian faces, landscapes and attitudes. Inevitably, the campaigns featuring NZ-sourced creative worked better than adapted Australian campaigns.

It’s the same with web content. Adapting an internationally-sourced story for your own purposes by using a re-writing tool isn’t a smart strategy. It won’t deliver the SEO attraction or visitor conversion you’re looking for with your New Zealand audience.

If you’re targeting a New Zealand audience, aim for a New Zealand content writer

Whether you’re marketing a KiwiSaver scheme, building company, law firm or beauty brand, empathy is everything. Ideally you’ll find a content writer who understands and relates to your audience, can use Kwinglish (Kiwi English) effectively and knows all the tricks of the trade. Content should feel like it was written by a human who’s in touch with GodZone.

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