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 Here are the main types of content writing we help clients with and
our thoughts on what makes each one successful.

What we do


Including content strategy and SEO metadata

The all-consuming web has changed us from readers into scanners. From a writing point of view, it means a different set of rules and an understanding of attention spans (and how short they are!). Your website is much more than an on-screen brochure – it’s a brand foundation and key selling tool that demands purpose-built SEO copy and metadata. 


Brand stories, names and taglines

Giving your brand a wardrobe of words begins with telling your story. It’s not just about who you are, what you do and your history; it  should also reflect your brand’s personality and philosophy. Brand stories can be written for an internal or external audience, depending on your needs. We can also help with brand creation, specifically names and taglines.


Compelling benefits and essential information

In this information-rich medium, benefits often get bogged down in detail. Your customers need to quickly see what’s in it for them, before their attention wanders. Features, specifications and purchasing details can then provide the reassurance people need to act. It also pays to keep language conversational and jargon free so your audience stays onside.



Building loyalty by staying in touch

Above all else, your newsletter needs to be a good read. That means providing information your audience wants to hear about in a way that feels entertaining. If it’s all hard sell and chest beating, it will wear out its welcome. Short articles on a variety of topics written refreshingly well will help keep your audience coming back for more.

Case studies

The challenges, solutions and benefits

We can help you find the right words to communicate your company’s competencies and successes. Corporate profiles and case studies are difficult to write in-house, because your employees are commonly too close to the subject. An outsider’s perspective can reveal the facts and achievements that matter most to your audience.


Video scripts

Animation and video scripts

Creative visual concepts and perfectly aligned brief messages are the essential ingredients of effective animation and video scripts. Complex ideas or multi-step processes can be easily communicated with the right balance of show and tell. Concise voice-overs or captions reassure viewers and highlight key points while the seeing leads to believing.



An easier way to fulfil your blogging duties

There’s a lot to be said for blogging: it adds fresh words to your website, builds your public profile and can be used to drive traffic from social media sites to your web content. But if you lack time or are an under-confident writer, you need a blog writer to express your thoughts. Partner with us and we’ll take the hard work out of blogging.

Pack copy

Words that help to hurry-up a purchase decision

Your pack is a powerful communication channel, even if it has very limited space for words. We regularly work with artisan and mainstream manufacturers to present convincing product stories within the limitations of pack dimensions. Health products, food products, beauty products and wine – they all benefit from concise, compelling copywriting.

If your project involves writing to convince or inform, you should certainly drop us a line.