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New ways to write newsletters

How the web has changed brochures

The web has turned us into browsers and scanners. Our eyes flit around the page looking for a foothold – a headline, sub-head, image caption or bunch of bullet points.

Let them browse

Reading is done, but not always from top to bottom. Instead we fasten on whatever grabs us first, then graze the page as if were an antipasto platter. What does this mean for print media? It means we have to abandon un-navigable pages of text and chunk up the content so it can be efficiently browsed.

Usability-led writing

If your brochures are trapped in the old ways, where design rather than usability dictated how the words should fall on the page, they won’t do much for your business. Few people will find the gold hidden in the content, because they can’t scan easily for the good bits. In this time-starved world, every page has to engage.

Make this your brochure reinvention year

The New Year is your chance to reinvent printed collateral, which is still an essential part of the marketing mix. Begin with the written content, and then take it to design. With careful planning and intelligent execution, you’ll get a fleet of brochures that really do the business.

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