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Client: DNA

Objective: Brand stories and an elevator pitch that capture the essence of Ara wine.


At Ara our mission is to make more happen in the glass. More surprise, more excitement, more pleasure. Our standards are high (some would say impossibly high) because our work is measured by the toughest judges – your senses of sight, scent and taste.

To create wines that experts have described as ‘three dimensional’ and ‘immaculate’, we combine time-honoured methods with proven concepts from cutting-edge viticultural science. This old-embraces-new best practice philosophy touches every aspect of the winemaking journey – from growing the grapes through to capping the bottles.

Why have we taken this evolutionary path, when we could simply churn out ‘good Marlborough wine’ like so many others? We do it out of respect for the unique single estate that our wines call home.