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McVery Crawford newsletter writer

Client: McVerry Crawford Motors

Objective: A quarterly newsletter to help McVerry Crawford stay in touch with their customers and drive repeat business.


Customer Profile: Grant Barber

Whether he’s fording a flooded river, shooting Himalayan tahr near Mount Cook or checking some fencing on his Himatangi dairy farm, Grant Barber has nothing but respect for Mitsubishi utes.

“We’re all Mitsy here, have been for about 20 years. Right now in a fleet of nine Mitsubishis new additions include two GLS utes, a GLX ute and a Pajero. Before we retire a ute it’ll clock up more than 200,000 kms, and one of our Pajeros got to 270,000 without any problems. In fact our Mitsubishis are so well-liked that our five year old cried when we traded in our Pajero for a new model.”