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English is an ever evolving language. Just as well, or we’d still be saying ‘ye’, ‘forsooth’ and ‘thus’ all over the place.

We’ve gathered some recently-hatched words for you to merge into your vocabulary this year, if you haven’t already. And if you stumble upon a new utterance you think we should know about, email it to Jo or Murray. As word joiners, we’re always interested in new construction material.


Blood sugar levels are low and your fuse is short. Food restores good mood.


Similar to hangry, but instead of getting angry you get anxious. Food is is the Prozac you’re needing.


The opposite of righteous, wrongteous describes someone who repeatedly says they’ve screwed up and simply won’t stop apologising.


A new and non-threatening way to say urgent or last-minute. Thanks to Kimberley at Procreation for sharing this little gem.


A social disease resulting from extreme materialism and excessive consumerism. The new trend towards frugal living could be the cure.

Click bait

Irresistible or controversial online links. Politicians without their makeup. The fattest and thinnest suburbs of Auckland. The talking ferret video that earned a million dollars. And that sort of thing…


One wonderful day off.


Teenagers have these. A lifetime of clothes hung up on the floor.


A photograph taken by you of your suntanned legs to show you’re really enjoying your holiday.

Tribal marketing 

Marketing strategy that exploits the social behaviour of certain groups of consumers (e.g. yummy mummies) to promote a product or service.


Disgruntled means you’re pissed off, so gruntled must mean you’re happy. As gruntled as a pig in mud. Bob was extremely gruntled when he unpacked his iPhone 7.