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Five business benefits of blogging

1. Blogging adds new content to your website

Search engines love it when you regularly add new content to your website. If your blog posts include relevant key words and phrases, the effect is even greater.  Blogging is also a way to target niche markets through strategic use of key words. Example: If you’re a dentist who does all the standard stuff, but you want to develop a niche market that craves diamonds implanted into their teeth, you write a blog about it.  Voila! You’ve thrown a baited hook into the web to catch new customers.

2. Social media posts that link to a blog article drive new traffic to your website

Think of your blog as the mother ship, and your social media posts as the shuttles (or maybe runabouts) that bring people to the mother ship. You start by posting a nice, meaty blog – packed with stuff your audience wants to read. Then you publicise it with posts on LinkedIn and/or Facebook – linking back to the blog. Curious people go through to read the full blog, and then they start wandering around your website. Gold!

3. You’re acting like a subject matter expert

If you’re a specialist, your head is crammed with really interesting knowledge that doesn’t always see the light of day. Blogging lets you demonstrate that you’re a subject matter expert. Everyone wants to work with experts – it’s so much better than working with nincompoops.

4. Blogging makes you think about your business

The exercise of sitting down to write a blog makes you think about your audience, their needs and how those needs connect to your products or services. Too often your busy business days don’t allow you pause for thought. It’s like navel gazing on paper.

5. Blogging builds brand awareness

If you want to be the brand on the tip of the market’s tongue, you need to embrace new digital channels. Blogging gets your brand out there and gives it a voice. Even if you only manage one blog every two weeks, you’ll notice a difference in your web stats.

Need help to blog?  Our phone-interview-brain-dump technique is a great way to get blogging without spending hours writing.  Email jo@wordjoiner.co.nz