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Anyone for a catfish massage?

The prospect of lowering your feet into a lake boiling with catfish is only slightly more appealing than bathing in raw tripe, but the reality is deliciously sensual. Soft, slippery and wonderfully tickly, catfish massage could become addictive.

At the interestingly named “Lake of the Pregnant Maiden” (according to local legend, bathing in the lake was once equivalent to IVF therapy for childless couples) on the island of Pulau Dayang Bunting, a refreshing fresh water swim can be followed by a catfish massage chaser. Armed with a sachet of fish food, you sit on the edge of a floating pontoon with your feet dangling in the water. A light sprinkle of fish food brings the catfish calling. They’re about 20cm long and magnificently whiskery. While they swoosh about your toesies eating fish food, you enjoy a massage that will have you squirming with delight. Four of our party (all under twelve) were gently lowered into the wriggling water for the full body catfish massage – an experience that will probably give them a bunch of interesting fetishes as adults.

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